Elevon mix on the DX6i

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Once you start using a DX6i transmitter you will find that while the built in elevon wing mix does work, it goes wrong when you use subtrims to center your servos. This is quite inconvenient because the way servos are made, you nearly always need subtrims to center things up before setting push rod lengths.

Instead of using the elevon wing setting, one can achieve the same thing using the dual aileron setting and one mixer.


  1. In Wing Mix, select 'Dual aileron'
  2. Plug the right hand servo into the AIL port on the receiver
  3. Plug the left hand servo into the AUX1 port, the servo shafts must face OUTWARD toward the wingtips
  4. Set servo reversing such that aileron operation is correct
  5. In 'Travel Adjust' set
    AIL 60% (up and down, you need to move the stick a bit to get to the other side setting)
    ELE 70% up and down
    FLAP 60% (must match AIL setting as they are working together
  6. Set MIX 1 to ELE->FLAP
    D -100% U -100%

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