Flaperons AND flaps on DX6i

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So you have a Spektrum DX6i and a model that just cries out for flaps AND flaperons, like a motor glider for example. However, when you select flaperon mix you use up the AUX socket where your flaps might have plugged in, oops.

All is not lost, you still have a GEAR channel, and so long as you didn't want restractable gear you can use this to operate the flaps. (Of course, the real solution is to by a radio with more channels and send you old DX6i to me).

The basic idea is to use a mix to disable the gear switch, and use the other mix to mix flap to gear channel to drive the flap servo in tandem with the ailerons when the flap switch is operated. This uses a 'single servo' for the flaps, which of course can be 2 servos on a Y lead if you must. Thus the wing can have 3 or 4 servos. By using the mixes you can achieve the simple, flap switch gives you flaps all the way across the wing (flap servo + ailerons as flaps). You can also go a little more complicated and have the simple plus, by adjusting values in the 'kill the gear' mix the gear switch can give you more flap on the flaps.

I'll fill the details of the mixes in here as soon as I get near my tranny, since I have set it up as a test before implementing it on the Coyote.

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