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I purchased this lathe for a good price. While the lathe is not much, the stand has been a real bonus as it is more than adequate for supporting the Myford! I plan to move the wood lathe to a new stand in the garage andmake some accesories for it such as a table saw, which will much more useful to me. I've kinda given up using it since the wood dust sets my sinuses on edge for days. However my wonderful wife is keen to turn wood so I'll set it up for her at the very least.


View from right side. The blue cover is over the Myford ML7 which is accessed from the other side of the bench.

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Straight on. The disk on the left is mounted on a lefthand thread. When I got the lathe the old man that had it had been modifying it to have this sanding disk on the left. However, he had made the disk about 3 inches larger in diameter which was really scary, and not flat. I cut the disk down using an angle grinder held against a rest and slowly turning the disk till it broke through, then cleaned it up. I then glued on a piece of plywood and turned the surface of that flat before glueing the sandpaper on. A very useful thing to have!

The motor is on a plank that is hinged level with the top of the main bench and just holds belt tension by gravity. This is not the best way and when I make a new stand I'll make a sector plate or something so I can fix the motor/belt tension arrangement.

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The normal state of affairs, the motor tilted up till it rests on the headstock. Then, the plank at left is clamped on, and boxes of 'stuff' are placed on top of the motor/headstock. The stuff includes sandpaper, metal offcuts, things to be fixed sometime etc etc.

The wood lathe came on the massive angle iron stand, takes three people to lift it (without the Myford). When I got the Myford, I mounted it on there too as it is plenty strong enough. Now I want to remove the woodlathe and use that space as a work surface, and I want to build cupboards into the space underneath after I fix the oil leaks from the Myford which drip out under the bench. I also want to lift the Myford about 2 inches....

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This is an old foto of the rig before I mounted the Myford. The 'saw' at the right end was removed to make way. The original owner built that and used it as a grinder. I was starting to make it into a table saw when I got the Myford (and shortly after that a bandsaw) so the table saw idea got scrapped.

As you can see, it's quite a heavy duty bench for just the wood lathe.

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