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As we get older (and lazier) it becomes harder to move locos around. Richard and I were moving his Sweatpea (about 70 kilos?) on a wheelbarrow, which turns out to be hard work, since the CG is so high it just wants to fall over and you'r forever holding it up.

Standing chatting with my father-in-law while running trains one day he said he could make a roll-on-roll-off trolley so we didn't have to lift the loco. Just a few weeks later he brought us this trolley.

The idea is that the handle detaches, allowing the loco to roll off. The practise is that the trolley is too short, making the buffer beams hang up, so we just lift the loco anyway. However, with the CG low and a handle to pull on, the actual roll across the yard is much easier.

If you want to build something like this, then I recommend a few changes...


Trolley and loco. Bigger wheels would roll easier.

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The handle unclips, in theory for loading the loco. The loco weight acts to retain the handle. We may modify this since we shifted the balance point a bit to relieve the weight on the handle.

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We found that that loco will slip around despite the loco brake. When it slips it upsets the balance and the handle unclips. At first we used a bit of wire to try and retain the loco position.

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Here you can see that the trolley/rail interface is much too steep and the wheel lifts up and then the buffer beams catch both ends. Now we have resorted to lifting the loco on and off. No too bad, since it is so low.

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I got fed up with the bit of wire and welded on a 'hitch' so we can use one of standard drawbars and pins to retain the loco position on the trolley.

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Closeup of the hitch and bar. The pins are coach bolts with the threaded portion cut off.

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