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I need a table saw for some accurate work on a future project. I found the hand held saw a bit wavy, so having been given some large bits of chipboard, I made this table for the saw.


Overview of saw table. Cut from other side. No fences because I have had great success with loose fences on my router table. Any straight bit of plank will serve as a fence, attached where needed with G-clamps.

You can see that in use here Travelling steady project

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Underside showing the saw attachment from back.

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From Blade side. The crossbracing on the legs makes it very stiff, yet light. The saw in a bare table state was used to rip the cross braces. I have no space to store this in a setup state, so it all disassembles. No fancy hardware, just chipboard screws. Four hold the top down onto the legs (there are dowel locating pins for easy assembly). Then remove 4 from the braces and the 2 leg assemblies come apart. The braces on the pair of thick legs, and the pair of thin legs are glued.

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And what do table saws produce? Rocking horse poo of course! Here is a sample from ripping the braces.

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The Millers Falls saw unit. Power is a drill motor. Unit is normally used as a hand saw, but I like the fenceing facility of a table, and it is more accurate. I have a coming project that needs accurate plywood panels, hence this construction.

The saw foot plate has been let into the table surface by 9mm to give a bit more blade projection, yet hopefully without making the chipboard too weak in that area.

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Spec label on the drill motor. I was given this drill by a school friends father (now late) who had replaced it with more modern equipment which he used for making speaker boxes. I also got the jigsaw and low speed gearbox attachments. RIP Bruce, and thanks for the drill.

Someone else gave me a 'box of bits' (tm) which happened to contain the exact Millers Falls saw attachment for the drill I already had!

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Legs detached, and stacked upright in the only available corner of the single car garage.

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Wider view of the corner of the garage where this item is currently able to fit, mainly due to a) my fitting new long shelving just above to the right last week, that allowed several floor based boxes to levitate. b) my wonderful wife rearranging things a bit so that the storage it more efficient. (yes, she loves Tetris).

Note the presense of the official 'I can smell a rat' inspector. She had in fact caught and killed a shrew just an hour earlier, out in the yard. I think it is the one I saw in the garage on Monday night, which went nuts when I turned the saw on and cut a few planks up. It was running up and down the edge of the door in a frenzy, and eventually stuck away in the corner behind some cardboard.

Yellow stand to the right is the wood lathe. Stand above dog (with diag braces) is for a double bed knitting machine, and I really need somewhere else to put that.

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