Speeds and Feeds Calculator and Thread Depth Calculator

Speeds and Feeds program to find cutting speeds easily. This is a Windows program that allows you to specify the material, diameter (of work or cutter) and number of cutting teeth. It then calculates the recommended feed speed for either lathe or mill work.

2013 update: now with metric option

'Threads' is a program by Don Nichols that calculates the infeed requirements for any imperial or metric thread. His version was compiled for Unix, so I compiled it for 'DOS'. This will run on MSDOS3-6.x, Windows95/98, and Windows 2000, and probably XP but this is untested thus far.

Find the program here

Windows instructions (I won't bother with pure DOS instructions since if you use that, you already know how to do this!)

Just save the executable somewhere, like c:\myapps\
Now open a DOS Prompt box, and type
   c:\myapps\threads 26
to get the figures for a 26tpi thread (60 degree form)
   c:\myapps\threads -m 0.75
to get the figures for a metric 0.75mm pitch thread

To save the output to a file, do this
   c:\myapps\threads 26 > c:\myoutputfile.txt
That will put the output into the file myoutputfile.txt in the folder c:\
You can then open the file in Notepad and print it.

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