Slitting saw arbor

My friend Peter in Cape Town sent me a slitting saw for Christmas. It is 63mm in diameter and 0.5mm wide. Thus I needed to make an arbor for it.

At this time (Dec 2005) I have a list of 34 'things to make', most of them tools to make other tools on the list. The slitting saw will be very handy for many of the coming projects, thankyou Peter.

Well, make that 33 now that this arbor is done (-:


I worked from this drawing but ended up making the 150mm part shorter to fit the material available. The piece of 20mm BMS I had intended to use turned out to be bent. The material I used came from a rubber covered roller recovered from a printer. These rollers are made from free machining steel. I remove the rubber with a sharpened hacksaw blade used in the hacksaw like a spoke shave, then clean off the last few shreds with a wirewheel in the drillpress.

I set up each piece in the 4 jaw chuck (my 3 jaw is a selfOFFcentering chuck) using the dial indicator to get them centered within 0.01mm.

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Here I have set it up with the short end toward the headstock. I made it offset so that I can choose the blade position to suite the job. Note the bit of wire tied around the drive pins. This prevents them rattling.

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A test cut in a bit of brass. Cut is smooth, easy and chatter free. For slitting collets where the blade does not penetrate both sides, it is better to feed from the back on the underside of the blade to prevent 'climb milling' in the cut.

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I drilled the cross hole to match my catchplates drive pin length. I suggest you do so for your catchplate (my drawing shows no dimension for this). The drive pin is a bit of 6mm ground shafting from a printer. I had to thin the end a bit with a file to fit the hole since I drilled it too close to 6mm and I don't have a 6.2mm (yet). 6.5 would have been too much of a rattle fit.

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