5" Gauge 'Lowrider' driving trailer

What do you do when leaning over the tender from the driving trailer gives you backache?

Make a lowrider of course!


This lowrider driving trailer caught my eye last time I was there. The front of the trailer has been modified to have a low level seat. This end is supported on a T bar resting in the frame of the tender.

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Here you can see the end of the T-bar sticking out of the hole in the tender frame.

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Here is Keith the loco owner taking it easy on the way round. This is a light load for this 3.5" gauge loco!

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Here you can see that the driving trailer still has space for the club chairman Gunther to take his tea break on the move. Gunther was in charge of the yellow petrol loco in the background. This loco, recently completed, was on standby and was brought into service when one of the steamers retired early with steaming problems (blocked tubes).

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