More on the Myford ML7

These images follow on from the previous set and show the Myford in it's final place in my workshop, plus a few other things of possible interest.


The lathe on the stand. The wood lathe and the ML7 are back to back on the same stand. I later moved the wood lathe to its own stand so that it could be moved around easily. The plan is to be able to move it outside for use, and also to fit it with a circular saw blade and table.

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Wood lathe in forground, ML7 in background. Note the I beam across the ceiling which I used for lifting the lathe onto the stand. My wife and I carried it off the trailer and up the three steps into the workshop, but neither of use wanted to ever lift it again!

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I mounted angle iron to the wall and the beam rests on that. It should be clamped to the angle, and will be before I use it again.

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I made this board to hold all the gears and chucks. So far it has worked well, but does need to be modified a bit to hold the faceplate and other accessories I've made over the years. You can see the 4 jaw chuck there. I made the backplate for it from a peice of flame cut 32mm plate. Read about that here

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At the time, I had this bandsaw. A very useful tool for working wood and aluminum and I used it a lot. However, it had to go back to someone who thought he lent it to the person who thought he gave it to me. I'll replace it sometime with a power hacksaw.

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The oilers were cracked and leaky when they arrived and I stuck them back together and got them mostly sealed up. After a few years (2006) I now have to do this again.

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Severely damaged outside jaws. I'll regrind them.... though the actual step faces are still very good and close to concentric.

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All images taken with a Sony FD95.

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