Myford ML7 Arrives

For my friends on rec.crafts.metalworking here are images of the Myford ML7 I purchased 9 October 2000. I paid R5000, which is about 470 UK pounds, or US$660 at the current exchange rates. Add 14% VAT and R420 (40 pounds, $56) for a eastern 4 jaw chuck and it's a deal. The manual seems to have been printed in 1963, and the lathe is in good condition with some wear in non critical areas. Spindle is playless, as are all the slides. cool! Motor runs smoothly too.


General view from rear because of the way I put it into the 3x3 meter workshop. Yes the drill normally gets recharged on the floor since I havn't run the wall wiring yet.

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The front of the apron

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Headstock end of the bed, no wear that I can see, original machining marks easily visible (except to cameras)

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Cross slide ways, nice smooth feel, but does need cleaning

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Accessories. the two chucks are in good nick, one being virtually unused. The outside jaws are well used though and may need to be reground or something.

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Change gear mechanism. You see some wear on the main drive wheel, but the rest is are excellent

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Inside the gear cover you find some crud and the list of wheel arrangements for all threads

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Inside the spindle cover showing the loose belt and back gear, and the oilers. They're empty right now and you can see they've been cracked and repaired sometime back

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The label on the motor, original equipment I believe

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Tailstock, closeup of the damage to the top of the spindle, not critical though, mostly cosmetic as far as I can see

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Front 3/4 view of the tailstock, with classic (to me anyway) Myford paint scratches from the compound hitting the tailstock

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My woodworking lathe and it's frame. I bought this thing for a song and the frame is way overengineered for the dinky wood lathe. I plan to mount the Myford onto this frame on the right end, so I can use both lathes. (yes, my workshop usually has stuff all over the place....) Yes, I will remove the motor and shaft mounted on that side, I was starting to construct a table saw there, but since I got the bandsaw I don't need it anymore.

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The full set of change wheels plus the spacers and drive spigots. Some of the gears appear to have never been used at all, others are used a bit, esp the 20 tooth ones have little nicks from being thrown in the box

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This is the supplied oiler, currently filled with an opaque white grease. Is this the oiler supplied by Myford? or is it just some grease gun the previous owner picked up?

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Full list of change gears:
95, 80, 75x2, 70, 65x2, 60x2, 55, 50, 45, 40, 35, 30, 25x2, 20x3.
25-12 driver, 25-any driver
2 spacers
2 keyed bearing collars.

There are now images of the lathe mounted on the stand, plus the celebrated toolboard (Thursday, 16 November 2000 - 08:17:25)

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