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Wednesday 24 Dec 2003

My workshop door faces north and gets full sun nearly all day (I'm in the Southern Hemisphere). So it gets quite hot in summer, and I cannot leave the door standing open for security reasons. The window faces south onto an 8 foot gap and the next door garage wall. It is a small fanlight type, and does not provide a lot of airflow.

I decided that a forced ventilation system would be the best solution, and started looking for a fan. I had a very noisy but powerful fan handy, but didn't use it for this because of the noise. In the middle of winter I was dumpster diving and found the remains of a floor fan, the type that has the fan fixed and has a rotating grill that directs the air at 45 degrees to the axis as it rotates. Despite being in the dumpster both motors worked, though much of the housing was missing or broken.

So now I had a 3 speed, quiet, fan. But it was winter, so I didn't need a fan right away....

Now that it is summer and I am on leave and in the workshop, the fan became a bit more urgent....
I cut a 3/8" plywood panel to fit the window opening, mounted some scrap wood in the opening to which I could screw the panel. The panel was jigsawed to make place for the motor and the airflow. A bit of enamel paint completed that bit (I still hate slow drying enamel paint, even though the finished article is nice, this lot took 2 days to get dry enough to work with, though still sticky if pressed when I mounted it. Mostly the cold weather we had I suppose).

I had cut the switch unit out of the original plastic casing, so just needed to bend up an aluminum housing to cover the other 3 sides and mount it to the panel.

The wiring is all hidden behind the panel, and the twinflex 230VAC feed runs behind the toolboard, under the table and into the double 15 amp socket housing at the front edge of the bench (this supplies the lathe and bench grinder via 3 pin 15amp plugs, and is itself plugged into the distro board next to the door via a 15 amp plug, so hardwiring the fan into it is quite safe and legal as it is essentially an extension lead).

So, some pictures...


Afternoon sunlight on the door. The door needs rebuilding and repainting. The dark blue on the wall prevents us getting blinded by the reflection in our bedroom whose wall/window is parallel to this wall, to the left in this image.

The cats name is Sweetie Pie, of no particular breed.

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The window frame. I sprayed the glass one day to prevent people looking in, for security. 'What people cannot see they cannot desire'. You can see the bits of batten fitted top and bottom to which the panel will be screwed.

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The panel in place, with motor and switch unit mounted up. The brown wire in the right foreground is the power supply prior to feeding it behind the lower tool board. I believe I will still be able to close the window for winter!

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Viola! The blade fitted and pumping air OUT the window. Makes an immediate difference to the temperature in the workshop, so I am very happy.

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