Drill Press Stand

These show the recently completed Drill Press Stand (16 Oct 2001 12:58)


The stand fits neatly into the corner. The top is 38x38 square tube welded into a rectangle to fit under the baseplate. There is a flat bar across the center that takes the hold down bolts. The legs are 32mm pipe. The ends were chamfered to fit the angles with an anglegrinder, then welded in place. Viewed vertically, the front leg bottom ends project forward of the front of the baseplate about 30mm, just to prevent it easily falling forward.

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The spot of clear floor visible here no longer exists. It was only cleared for the initial positioning of the drillpress stand (-:
At some time I want to fit a shelf near the top, to hold various drilling accessories. To far down and it would collect too much swarf!

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Under side of the stand showing the strip across frame that takes the holddown bolts.

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A closeup of the stand frame. As you can see, the 'clear spot' has vanished and all sorts of things are now piled in the corner with the drillpress.

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