Change Gear Program for the ML7

Get my version of Marvin Klotz' change gear program here.
My version is modified to produce only unique gear sets, and an 'index ratio' that indicates the probability that the gears will actually fit the lathe. Low ratios are the ones to try first. Just download the ZIP file, unzip in a convenient place, read the change.txt file, and have at it.
It is DOS command line driven so some of you `Windows clicker` chappies will have to learn some new tricks. (-:
My version does not handle gearboxes, only pure changegears.
For some pitches it will spit out a lot of gear sets (as for 13tpi) which will scroll past you on the screen and you will not see the lowest ratio one. To fix this you can sort the output using the standard sort filter.
The command

change 13 | sort /r

will sort the output and the 'most likely to fit' gears sets will remain visible on the screen. For the above example the best ratio is just 2 gears.

Don't forget to make a note of a gear set and how it fits the banjo once you have found one. Saves you figuring it all out again next time.

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