Texas Rotovator

I was given this rotovator with the claim that it was unfixable. I really need this thing for a whole bunch of yardwork so will be attempting a fix. The problem is that the chain in the welded shut housing is worn out, or at least one sprocket is worn out. I will need to open the housing without disturbing the axle alignment or spacing, and replace the chain and sprocket (maybe both sprockets).


I was given this rotovator as 'unfixable', but I need it, so will attempt to fix it. The engine runs well. The clutch is formed by the belt drive from the engine to the large pulley being tentioned by the lever on the far handle.

Problem is the chain drive in the welded shut housing slips. If one engages the drive with the tines in the air, they will turn, but at the merest hint of touching the ground they will stop and the horrendous grinding sound ensues.

An advisor said that it is usually the small sprocket that gives in, so I'm assuming at this point that an application of an angle grinder to the top end of the housing will be required to open it up.

But before that I intend to strip the whole thing down, including trying to remove anything possible from the bottom end of the assembly as it seems that the shaft assembly must be able to come off.

What do you think?

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The other side.

In operation the wheels are swung up and the rear tine is extended a bit so it digs in. The rotating tines in the front then tend to pull the machine forward while the rear tine tends to prevent that so the operator does not have to bear the brunt of it all.

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I have been able to find NO web references to this brand or model.

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The detailed sticker found on the side of the chain housing.

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While a bit rusty here and there, this thing runs well. It has stood in my yard for about 3 years with just a plastic cover, and when I put petrol in last weekend it started on the second pull.

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The end of the chain housing containing the suspected worn out sprocket.

The other side holds the bearing assembly for the big pulley in the background.

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Bonus picture of the culprit housing etc.

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Postscript 05/11/2005 15:09

I finally found the website!
www.texas.dk and this page seems to give the parts diagram (all in Danish)

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